8 Things To Look For When Hiring a Tile & Carpet Cleaner in the Phoenix Arizona West Valley including GoodyearAvondaleLitchfield ParkEstrella, Verrado, Pebble Creek, Peoria, Sun City, SurpriseEl MiragePalm ValleyTollesonWaddellPrescottand Glendale in Maricopa County Arizona.


What type of carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning equipment does the carpet cleaner use? How old is the equipment? Is it a truck mounted system?   The newer the equipmet, the hotter the water, and the suction power of the carpet and tile cleaning equipment are all things to consider.   Quality carpet cleaning and steam cleaning equipment makes a difference. Some carpet and tile cleaning contractors use equipment that is 10 or 15 years old or older. Newer is better when it comes to carpet cleaning equipment. At Allaman Carpet and Tile Cleaning we purchased a brand new truck mounted state of the art carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning equipment in 2020, and our equipment is still going strong, providing the best quality carpet and tile cleaning experience in the Phoenix West Valley.

2. Insurance, Licensing and Bonding

This seems like a no brainer, but is often overlooked. Always ask your carpet cleaner to provide proof of insurance, business licensing and bonding. Better to be thorough than sorry should an accident happen. You want to insure any contractors or cleaning companies have ample insurance and that they are bonded.

3. Type of Carpet or Tile to Be Cleaned

Just as there are different types of tile and carpet, there are different types of carpet and tile cleaning equipment as well as cleaning processes.   Always be sure to sak about your specific type of carpet or tile and that your carpet or tile cleaner has experience with your specific type.

4. Type of Cleaning Chemicals or Cleaning Fluids

There is a long list of cleaning products available for cleaning carpets and tile.  From pre-soak chemicals to cleaning agents, severe spot removal soap or chemicals to wax or shine products used on certain type of tile or floors.   Ask your carpet and tile cleaner to explain their cleaning process, and the specific soaps or chemicals they use. It’s always a good idea to be certain they are using a No-Res” or no reisude produts, to keep your carpet or tile the cleanest it can be after it is rinsed and dried.

5. Pricing

Pricing is important, but shouldn’t be the most important qualifier when choosing a quality carpet cleaner.  Qualify the cleaner or cleaning company by the equipment, process, reputation, and quality. Then compare pricing. The best carpet and tile cleaners are not always the cheapest. You usually do get what you pay for.

6. Experience

How much experience does the carpet or tile cleaner have? How long have they been in business?  The longevity of the carpet cleaning company may indicate they have been doing quality work for a long time.

7. Read Reviews

Always a good idea to search and read the carpet or tile cleaning companies reviews on Google or Yelp.  See what their other clients have to say about the quality of work they provide. In the case of Allaman Capet Cleaning, we have 347 all 5 Star Reviews as of the writing of this blog.

8. Communication

How well does the company communicate? We’re all busy, and in the case of carpet and tile cleaners if they are on a job they may not be able to return your call, message or email for until the job is complete. Do they get back to you in a timely manner?

At Allaman Carpet, Tile & Upholstery Cleaning we pride ourselves in providing prompt communication and top quality customer service. I doubt we’d receive 347 ALL 5 Star Reviews on Google if we didn’t!


When it comes to carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning in the Phoenix West Valley, be sure to qualify your vendor! Hope this blog article was helpful! Thanks for reading!

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