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How to Maintain your Tile Floors at Home.

Allaman Carpet Cleaning wants you to have the most updated, relevant, and useful information available to make sure your Tile and Grout floors stay as clean as possible for as long as possible. Whether you live in Litchfield Park, AZ or Goodyear, AZ, Estrella Mountain Ranch, Surprise, Avondale, the general Phoenix Metro area or wherever in the Universe.

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Dry Soil Removal is important: Vacuuming or sweeping is necessary regularly but especially prior to mopping or steaming.

Have a system in place to RINSE THE MOP whether it’s a separate rinse bucket or sink. Mopping with anything that has hit the floor, back into mop bucket, then the floor is only spreading dirt.

Rinse with clean water. Some people will actually spritz onto the floor and then mop with clean water or steam with a steamer

Use a neutral cleaner. It is recommended to use a cleaner that has a pH of around 7. Some things very available to all? Simple Green, Fabuloso, or a Neutral Stone and Tile Cleaner you can get at the hardware store.

Some things people mop with that can leave a residue include Pine-Sol (pH of around a 3), Mr. Clean Lemon (pH of around a 10), Vinegar and Water (pH of around a 3), etc.

Why does it matter? Because a detergent residue will actually attract dirt having the opposite effect most homeowners desire as far as cleanliness.

Here are a couple of links regarding pH levels of common cleaners: https://www.amycleaning.co.uk/blog/2013/05/ph-level-of-house-cleaning-products/


…and one from an actual grout manufacturer:


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