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Carpet Cleaning Severe Spot Removal in Goodyear, Arizona.

Allaman Carpet Cleaning is constantly looking at ways of removing stains permanently. Whether it is an old technique that just requires some extra work like through a Heat Transfer which can be done with an iron and a white terrycloth or a wallpaper remover or new ways with new technologies. We have the latest tools and keep our finger on the pulse of whatever is happening in the industry to make sure we are giving our customers the cleanest floor possible.

Many stains are more difficult to get out than others. Some common stains we run into that are difficult are KOOL-AID, lipstick, wine, and the latest (and most entertaining because I also have children who do it) is SLIME! Sometimes a reducer (or reducer agent) is effective which in most cases is ammonia-based which is most effective against dyes, so like KOOL-AID or Slime which actually has synthetic dyes in it… so “reduce” the dye. The Heat Transfer process is required to literally transfer the stain off of the carpet.

Another solution that works best with organic soilings like red wine, juices, soda, energy drinks, or condiments, etc is using an oxidizer which also is maximized by using the Heat Transfer method. Many products have both natural and synthetic properties so sometimes using the oxidizer first and then the reducer is effective. In the following video, you’ll see it took both an oxidizer and a reducer with the heat transfer method to completely remove the carpet stain.

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